Benutzerdefinierte Reports

Ich liebe diese Teile, man kann über Google Analytics so wunderschöne und nützliche Reports bauen. Mein Lieblingsreport ist aktuell ein Report, mit dem man Google AdWords cps ins Verhältnis zum Revenue per Click setzen kann und so relativ schnell mit dem Table Booster. Kampagnen identifizieren kann die gut oder schlecht sind. Bei einem Durchschnitts cpc von 0,20€ und einem RPC ( Revenue per click ) von 0,19€ kann z.B. eine Kampagne nicht funktionieren. Jetzt gilt es einfach etwas tiefer in die Analyse zu gehen und die Kampagne Segmentieren in Anzeigegruppen, danach in Keywords usw. Jetzt könntet ihr auch noch anfangen so Späße wie Region, Stadt, Browser, Events!! ( Alter, Geschlecht etc. ) hinzuzufügen und ihr erhaltet ein Monstrum an Auswertungen!

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Hier nun aus dem offiziellen Google Blog die neuesten Features und ein paar coole Beispiele für Custom Reporting:

We’ve heard you loud and clear that getting started on Google Analytics can be challenging. It’s such a robust tool with a variety of reports, filters, and customizations that for a new user it can be overwhelming to figure out where to look first for the data and insights that will enable you to make better decisions. For more advanced users it can be time consuming to build out different variations of reports and dashboards to get the clearest snapshot of your performance. That is why we’ve created the Google Analytics Solution Gallery.

The Google Analytics Solution Gallery hosts the top Dashboards, Advanced Segments and Custom Reports which you can quickly and easily import into your own account to see how your website is performing on key metrics. It helps you to filter through the noise to see the metrics that matter for your type of business: Ecommerce, Brand, Content Publishers. If you’re not familiar with DashboardsAdvanced Segments and Custom Reports, check out these links to our help center for detailed descriptions on how they work and the insights they can help provide.

Solution examples
Here are a few examples of the solutions that you can download into your account to see how the analysis works with your data.

  • Social sharing report – Content is king, but only if you know what it’s up to. Learn what content from your website visitors are sharing and how they’re sharing it.
  • Publisher dashboard – Bloggers can use this dashboard to see where readers come from and what they do on your site.
  • Engaged traffic advanced segment – Measure traffic from high-value visitors who view at least three pages AND spend more than three minutes on your site. Why do these people love your site? Find out!


How do I add these to my account?
We’ve designed it so it’s easy to get started. Simply go to the Google Analytics Solution Gallery, pick from the drop drown menu the solutions that will be most helpful for your business. Select from Publisher, Ecommerce, Social, Mobile, Brand, etc.. . Hit “Download” for the solution you want to see in your account. If you are not already logged into Google Analytics we’ll ask you to sign in. Then you’ll be asked if you want to accept this solution into your account and what Web Profile do you want to apply it to. After you select that it will be in your account and your own data will populate the report.